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Singer – Instrumentalist – Broadcaster – Writer

Early songs and broadside ballads and traditional music
Director The City Waites and The Burning Bush

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New publication:

Singing Simpkin and other Bawdy Jigs: Musical Comedy on the Shakespearean Stage

Exeter University Press, February 2014



Uncovering forgotten music and bringing it to life through performance is my skill, interest and passion. My research into various areas of musical history include traditional songs of the British Isles, broadside ballads and popular songs of 17th century England, songs of the exiled Jews of Spain, the musical skills of infamous royal mistresses, the music of Samuel Pepys, the music of Shakespeare's playhouse, the instruments dredged up from the wreck of Henry VIII's ill-fated Mary Rose and the songs heard in the lowest dives of Charles Dickens' London. I also write about and talk about Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque music and early Classical music for my weekly BBC Radio series, 'The Early Music Show' (Sundays 2pm, Radio 3).
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Lucie and The Burning Bush

Lucie and The City Waites


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